Hubble for Security Operators

Work smarter with the continually updated asset data that you and your team needs to effectively triage incidents and other workloads.

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Hear from a fellow Security Operator

I’ve spent most of my career having to chase down information about systems in our environment. From who the user is, to what applications are running on it and how that relates to business dependency. All of this has changed since we have had access to Hubble. I get access to the information I need in seconds, not hours – allowing me and my team to operate far more efficiently than ever possible before.

Caroline M

Transformation woes

Lack of a single source of asset context, was causing to waste hour upon hour, trying to track down asset related information. We had multiple teams internally including security, IT and infrastructure all tracking asset information in separate ways with some recording asset records manually using Excel spreadsheets.

Their solution

We finally had a single, trusted location to quickly lookup asset related data, understanding the context of the asset. We further had the capability to quickly report and alert on assets that failed to comply with our mandated configuration profiles, such as the lack of endpoint protection, or the presence of unauthorized software such as Crypto Mining apps.

Understand what matters with scale and speed

Stop spending hours trying to find out who owns a system or application. Query realtime information, and make faster and better informed decisions.

scale and speed

Trust but verify

Don’t rely on existing asset inventories. Quickly identify gaps in these systems and decouple the dependence between critical security programs (such as vulnerability management and legacy, non purpose-built IT tools).


Security control validation

Now that you have your contextualized asset inventory, understand if your security controls are applied appropriately. Quickly report on where you have gaps such as missing endpoint controls, or vulnerabilities that were left unpatched.


Extract value in hours, not days

Why Hubble?
  • Built by experts, designed for everyone

    Hubble provides value to users with a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets.
  • Backed by the best

    Hubble is well positioned in the market and recognized by organizations such as the WEF as a pioneer in the industry.
  • Agility and maturity

    We solve the most pressing challenges associated with asset visibility.

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