A culture of security from day one

Trust and transparency are two of our key principles, and we have a security program that reflects this. As a part of your journey with Hubble, we’re happy to arrange a call to answer any outstanding questions..

Frameworks and Certifications

Hubble leverages control frameworks such as SOC2 and NIST, to help underpin our security program. We’re engaged with leading audit firms to ensure continued compliance with applicable industry and regulatory standards.

Security from the ground up

Hubble was founded by cyber security industry veterans, and has had a strong culture of security embedded into everything we do, from day one. From our product to our back office systems, security is something we refuse to compromise on.

Enterprise-grade security

Hubble supports features often only found in large enterprise businesses. These include out-of-the-box identity federation / single sign-on and customer managed cryptographic key management — allowing you to maintain complete control of your data.

The Platform

Hubble incorporates security reviews into our Software Development Lifecycle Processes (SDLC). This includes automated scanning of code during the development lifecycle, from initial code authorship, to build and deployment. In addition to our own red-team, Hubble is engaged with third party vendors to conduct assessments of many aspects of our Platform's security.

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